There are three entrances to Coppetts Wood and Scrublands. They are shown on the maps of Coppetts Wood.

Entrance 1 From Colney Hatch Lane – opposite Halton Close Buses: 43, 134, 234 (Colney Hatch Lane, Hillside Ave bus stop)
Car parking: Free next to “Southgate Coaches”.
Entrance 2 From the pavement on the North Circular Road.  This is close to the footbridge near the Coppetts Close Estate
Entrance 3  From Summers Lane  Enter the road leading to the Recycling Centre. Then turn left, go past the car park (where you can park your car). Then go through the white gate to the woodland ahead.
Buses 382 (Summers Lane, Short Way bus stop)
Car parking: Free

The site is open all day long, every day. Although motorbike barriers are there to restrict all types of bikes, these do give sufficient space for entry to visitors on foot.

Wheelchair Access Access is not recommended via Entrance 1 and Entrance 2. Access is restricted owing to a flight of steps beyond each entrance.Entrance 3 is the recommended access point for wheelchair users. Access is by a locked gate: nevertheless if you contact Coppetts Wood Conservationists a few day.

Pushchair access: At access points motorbike barriers are designed to restrict
access to all types of bikes. To get a pushchair into the reserve, you may fold the pushchair before accessing the site.
NB Lifting the pushchair with a child over the gate is hazardous and not recommended in advance, access can be provided.

Motorbikes and Pedal Bicycles: It will be a kindness for visitors to refrain from cycling through the reserve. Any bike can ruin footpath surfaces creating serious trip hazards as well as hollows that become muddy puddles. We have no funds for footpath repair, so we ask that visitors please do not cycle in the Nature Reserve.

It can be frightening for visitors, for elderly or blind people, children or pet dogs to meet bikes racing towards them on narrow paths. There Is no room for them to jump out of their way.