Coppetts Wood and Glebelands: the nature reserve on the North Circular

Tree work update: If you’re wondering about the new tree work in Coppetts Wood, it’s all planned and in the pursuit of  biodiversity. Near the main path we’ve removed a number of highly invasive false acacia, as well as some unsafe ash. We’ve also kept some standing dead wood as habitat for bugs, woodpeckers, etc., and we’ll be replacing with hawthorn and cherry. At the North Pond we’ve coppiced a number of holly trees to get more sunlight on the forest floor and the pond itself (which is doing really well after its autumn dredging: note the frogs and frogspawn!)

Exceptional biodiversity in N12

Coppetts Wood and the Glebelands, in North Finchley, London, were designated a Local Nature Reserve by the Borough of Barnet in 1997. You can find maps of the reserve here. The reserve has five distinct sections, with different habitats: Coppetts Wood, the Scrublands, Coppetts Close Triangle, the Green Link and the Glebelands. Learn more about them here.


Covid permitting, the Coppetts Wood Conservationists meet each Sunday morning throughout the year with the aim of maintaining the nature reserve, increasing its biodiversity and enjoying some sociable exercise. If you come along, you could find yourself digging a new pond or raking out an old one, clearing bushes or bramble to encourage a more varied habitat, or planting trees or a hedge. Find out more about why we do what we do, and if you’d like to get involved, please email

Autumn Festival: musicians/jugglers/craftspeople/conservation and community orgs sought

Our annual festival is a community highlight, with plenty to do for all ages. This year we’re hoping to hold it in post-Covid autumn (a Sunday in late September/early October). We’re hoping for a great mix of music, food, clay sculpting, treasure hunting, facepainting and displays and demonstrations by community organisations and craftspeople (we’ll tie down the date as soon as we have a musical act confirmed). If you’d like to perform or participate in any way, please email

Anti-social behaviour

A large group of visitors and their vehicles spent the Christmas season in Porters Way, behind the Compton School, completely blocking vehicle access to the homes further down the road. They finally left, having mutilated various trees, destroyed a wooden fence and left vast amounts of rubbish. If you see a similar invasion, please contact the police on 101 and email

Money, money, money

If you’d like to make a donation to our tool kitty we’d be very grateful!